A Pittance of Time - Remembrance Day video - brings a tear to my eye every time I hear it

Video/Song: A Pittance of Time - Terry Kelly Great for Remembrance Day Assembly: "It is so important to teach our young students the importance of recognizing and respecting our troops - not just on Remembrance Day, but every day".

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Asked to quote today: The flags fly low today and it’s a tragedy and still a shock to a nation. We are Canadians and we are like no other people or country in the world. We are the peace keepers an.

Remembrance day VIDEOS.  ( Preview >>>  ALL )  Did not check to see yet if any are too graphic to be used or not.

Soldiers Cry (by Roland Majeau) Talk of trouble is sent through the country And we need an army To fight for the right Young men enlist and are sent to the b.

Never Let Go-Bryan Adams (Remembrance Day) (+playlist)

Never Let Go-Bryan Adams (Remembrance Day).for those who gave their lives for us on Remembrance Day.