Ok... Seems like a bit much...... But imagine shat you could do with this!!! Même si c'était juste comme un border en haut de la chambre... Lol i had to pin it because i was just drawn to it! Lol

Would be nice for a bathroom one of these days 4 Colors -- Watercolor Blossoms Wallpaper Fresh Spring Flower & Leaves Wall Decal Art Bedroom Pink Blue Green White Large Print

Light Pink Chair

This AMAZING pink vintage chair! A decadent piece of furniture in the hue, like this curvy Haute House Pantages Chair, adds interest.

Vintage aluminum lawn chairs

Vintage ALUMINUM Folding 2 PINK LAWN CHAIRS Webbing Patio Camping MATCHING PAIR

Pink Sparkles, Pink Bling, Pink Pink Pink, Pastel Pink, Pink Roses, Pink Kitchens, Everything Pink, Pretty In Pink, Pink Stuff

Shabby Chic Pink Hope Chest

35 Amazingly Pretty Shabby Chic Bedroom Design and Decor Ideas

What a sweet bedroom - I love the pink cedar chest and chenille bedspread. When I was growing up all the ladies in the family had a cedar chest at the foot of their beds.

Yesssssss! So cute :)!!! Bebe'!!! Love it!!! A pink tool bench!!!

The Pink Tool box! Every girly girl's perfect storage for all HER tools! Make-up, nail polish, hair tools, etc.

YES!!!!  PINK tool box.  I want it!

The Original Pink Box Tool Box. This would be perfect for my "car tools" (tools I keep in my car at all times, 'cuz ya never know what's gonna happen when you're on the road!