I don't watch the big bang theory but this is awesome. Guilty for having done this once or twice :)

Amy Farrah Fowler and her tiara. Probably by favorite Big Bang moment of all time.

Same apartment? I don't think so

Same apartment? I don't think so

previous pinner: Same apartment? Me: OK, what geek took the time to map out the appartments? They are aware that it's a SET, not a real appartment? LOL but, there are two people paying for that bigger apartment

The Big Bang theory

The Big Bang theory. It missed the part "exactly" after Sheldon said he he'd ONLY drank as much as Penny

21 Moments "The Big Bang Theory" Had Absolutely No Chill

When Raj told Howard exactly what he thought of this outfit.

Good grief!

Big Bang Theory ~ this episode was on last night. I could NOT stop laughing! "SHUT YOUR ASS!


Blossom aka Amy Farrah Fowler - I remember the watching the top part and then freaking out 50 episodes (sure. why not) later when Blossom showed up.

Retinal Scanner: Access denied. Sheldon and Leonard: It knows! Howard Wolowitz: Oh, oh, oh, oh, guys, hold me upside down! Retinal Scanner: Howard Wolowitz, access granted. All three together (Sheldon, Leonard and Howard): Yay!

12 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from The Military Miniaturization (10x02)

12 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from The Military Miniaturization

Quote from The Big Bang Theory 10x08 │ Sheldon Cooper: I didn’t want it to come to this. But you have left me no choice but to employ the most passionate, seductive dance known to man. The flamenco. Amy Farrah Fowler: For God’s sake, you’re ridiculous. (runs out) That was a close one.

16 Best The Big Bang Theory Quotes from 'The Brain Bowl Incubation' (10x08

Enjoy the best quotes from The Big Bang Theory, episode 'The Brain Bowl Incubation'. 'The Brain Bowl Incubation' is the episode of season ten.

Sheldon cooper

I love The Big Bang Theory! // awww it was so sweet when sheldon say i love you too first even when amy haven't said i love you.

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Lolol^^^^the episode of Big Bang Theory where Penny and Leonard acted like a divorced couple with shared custody of Sheldon. It also happened to be my favorite episode