) But there are more than this chart indicates. Plus, there are more horse colors than black and white and palomino. Horse Colour Chart vs 2 by Gaurdianax on deviantART

Notorio MC - Andalusian Stallion - Photo by Stunning Steeds A beautiful & gorgeous, photo!

Simplemente fotos de caballos

Friesian on the Beach. Reminds me of being on the beach in Fiji with all the horsies :)


Friesian black horse stallion dressage baroque_____ Friesians are my favorite breed!


The Shire horse is a breed of draught horse or draft horse. The breed comes in many colours, including black, bay and grey. They are a tall breed, with mares standing 16 hands and over and stallions standing 17 hands and over

Lipizzaner stallion

Lipizzans - the breed was saved during WWII by General Patton / Walt Disney made a movie depicting General Patton's Rescue of these Beautiful Horses called "Miracle of the White Stallions"!

Black and White Horse Photography, Fine Art Horse Photograph, leopard appaloosa, photo by Stephanie Moon

Beautiful palomino gypsy Vanner, Never liked horses but I think I'd fall in love with one like this such a beautiful creature

Wildhorses of Shackleford Banks by Brad Styron. Shackleford Banks is a barrier island system on the coast of Carteret County, North Carolina.