DID THIS! It rocked! EVERYONE was involved, and you wouldn't believe the QUESTIONS THEY ASKED! I had no idea they were so EXISTENTIAL!!!

day of school activities: 100 acts of kindness, 100 questions about the world, 100 places we would like to visit, & 100 ways to make

25 Brilliant 100th day of school activities. Craft projects, math games, writing projects and tons more.

100th Day of School Activities

25 Brilliant day of school activities.-The roundup of 25 must-try day of school activities includes creative collections of craft projects, math games, writing projects and tons more.

This simple activity is great for the 100th day of school or to see how well students can follow directions. You could also use this for practice counting to 10, counting to 100, or counting by 10's to 100. Enjoy!

The 100 Monster: Counting to 100 / Following Directions

we had a "ball" on the 100th day

day of school gumball machines "We had a 'ball' on the day of school!" **Can say how many of each color gumball**