Mrs. Gilchrist's Class: Read It, Build It, Write It - A Dolch Sight Words Center

(Standard Identify various features in print) This has 30 pages of activities that you can work on sight words. This would be great with teaching students sight words or with the students that are struggling with sight words.

Rainbow Salt Tray. To make, you need a tray (lid from a big gift box will do well), then glue colored paper in ROYGBIV order. Cover with heaps of salt. Hand your kids a paintbrush and they're ready to go. Could use these to practice writing the Alphabet, sight words, numbers, kid's names, etc.

Rainbow Salt Tray

Rainbow Salt Tray is a fun and inviting pre-writing activity. Draw pictures, create patterns and practise writing your name with this simple to make Rainbow Salt Tray.

Sight Word Money! Kids can learn a sight word and then earn a sight word buck! Fun way to motivate kids!

The Moffatt Girls: Sight Word Money- A fun way to practice and learn sight words! Kids can earn sight word bucks! Use at center with the teacher.

Fun Ways to Practice Sight Words {Sight Words}

literacy center sight word activities- put the sand in a pencil box for easy upkeep and clean up! NOTE: this only works with a thin layer of sand. If you put too much the writing doesn't show up. It went over okay with my kids, not their favorite

3 creative ways to practice sight words with a simple house-hold item...String! | Sugar Aunts

Creative Sight Word Practice with String

Ten Pin Linky: Reading Ideas

Resources: Free printables for creating your own classroom set of focus sticks. Helps students pay attention to different features in writing. Free classroom posters to match too!