Bird house village~ cute idea, wish I had a tree that big around

Wine cork bird house

I love wine cork projects. Stop hiding your surplus of wine corks! Just a couple more bottles of wine and I'll have enough corks to finish my project.


Victorian style Volery - A large bird cage! Perfect for an elegant Chicken House with fancy chickens! OMG most gorgeous "bird house" I've ever laid eyes on! I have no birds but want it anyway!

Now that's a Birdhouse....A retirement condo perhaps, but still a huge birdhouse....

Now that's a Birdhouse.A retirement condo perhaps, but still a huge birdhouse. birdhouse knot hole bird house Sweetheart Neck Skater D.

birdhouse village...

Handmade in New England. (but pricey! I bet you could use old bundy cake pans to get similar roof design for bird house.

by Klaas Kuiken.

Dutch designer Klaas Kuiken has a created the rooftop tile birdhouses. Read more: Clay Birdhouse Shingles Turn Your Roof Into a Roost


bird house Vintage tin birdhouse birdhouse farm shed bird house Bird houses made from a vintage lunch box and thermos.


tree bark roof, twigs & old wood! - don't know wether to put this under flowers or bird stuff, both are pretty!