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in the animal kingdom, we look at this as beauty. in the human variety, we stop at stare like they are some sort of freak show. these make you rethink what human 'beauty' is and wonder.

Rare Albino Animals

The not Albino. Horses cannot be albino. There is this little thing called the LETHAL WHITE SYNDROME where all albino horses die within hours because they have a nonfunctioning colon! The horse in this picture is CREMELLO

5 Pets with strange and Amazing Markings | Pic#05

Cat with thick white eyebrows and mustache! My Georgie has the mustache, but those eyebrows really top it off!

2015 Zodiac Dragons by on @DeviantArt

The Zodiac Dragons! Which one is your zodiac sign? There are only about 200 of the 2014 Zodiac Dragons calendars left!