There goes that old hypocrisy again!

Atheism, Religion, God is Imaginary. Ben Carson does not feel that a Muslim should hold public office or be President unless they put the Constitution ABOVE their religion. Here I've been sitting, waiting for Republicans to do the same thing.

Just a little scary to be looking at the decline of true American values!

Texans Who Bring Guns to Restaurants Probably Never Expected What the NRA Just Said

Not expecting any truthful answer to this one!

And Republicans, conservatives, libertarian say that they are the moral party

Again ...  the hypocrisy and double standards!  In my opinion ... NOT ENOUGH outrage for the McCain remarks!

Right wingers attack war heroes all the time. Their outrage over the attacks against one of their own simply proves their never ending hypocrisy.

Our country is facing a future of double-standards!

Our country is facing a future of double-standards! So-called Christians amongst the most guilty!

The worst kind of hypocrisy!

This post showcase stunning black and white portraits of homeless people taken by Lee Jeffries. He started taking homeless people photos when he met a young

NO COMPARISON!  It almost sickens me to even see these two men in the same meme!

Trump needs to do more than just say he's Christian to be a real Christian like Jimmy Carter.

Seems like a rather double-standard to me!

Sons of Liberty Tees: If we lie to the Government it's a felony. If the Government lies to us. T-Shirt - T-Shirts

Fair observation!

I'm afraid of the direction our precious USA seems to be headed in. Wake up America.WAKE UP.

So, who's REALLY the "crooked one" ... hmmm?

RL Donald Trump is the bully who calls you what he knows he is 1597 times over. He truly is Crooked Trump!

We need to be looking inward as well!  I fully believe we should and can help alleviate suffering around the world, but not to the neglect of our own!

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