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Frozen Chocolate Peanutbutter Cheesecake, delicious LCHF, lowcarb treat.

Despite it's name, this does not taste like American Cheesecake, nor does it have the texture. Just so you don't get disappointed.

Such delicious LCHF, low carb bread! I had to quickly freeze it and put it away to avoid eating it all in one sitting :)

I have found a bread that finally tastes good. I have tried so many, but this one will defenitely stick. And it will help me stay on track as I

what paleo was all about

Paleo Cheat Sheet from Go Paleo - I wish they didn't put potatoes in "Do Not Eat". Potatoes are paleo if you are fit enough to allow the carbs. They just aren't weight-loss friendly which isn't the purpose of paleo, just a happy part of tips