Vancouver Island, British Columbia | Nestled just north of Nanaimo lies…

Englishman River Falls located in the City of Parksville on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Parksville is so lucky to have such a gorgeous waterfall in a spectacular Provincial Park!

Goats on a roof; Old Country Market.  This is one of my favorite places to visit…

Goats on the roof at Coombs Country Market, Coombs, Vancouver Island, British Columbia Best place for ice cream.

Are you travelling to Vancouver Island this summer? Here are the Top 10 walks in…

Top 10 Nanaimo Walks

Walking around Nanaimo is popular among visitors and residents alike, and there are so many great locations to do so. Here are the top 10 Nanaimo walks.

5 Totally Fun Things to Do in Nanaimo, BC

5 Totally Fun Things to Do in Nanaimo, BC

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