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I'm not exactly sure what the magic school bus is, but I'm very sure Rive should not supervise children! Even though she probably did and the school bus isn't magic, but is just a tardis with a working chameleon circuit!

Everyone's Dad was The Doctor... Ha!

This is almost like an actual Doctor Who episode. SO The Doctor's daughter played the Doctor's daughters in 'The Doctor's daughter' was friends with the Doctor's daughter then married the doctor and had the doctor's daughter

-"We need to talk."-Waaaahhhh Galeniss. Okay so is it that people don't like my acc or what bc I keep losing followers it breaks my heart.  anyways here's a Galeniss edit for you guys. Some Everlark tomorrow I guess.-{Remember that I am a THG account not an Everthorne / Everlark. I do ship Everthorne but I post both so.. yeah. Good morning/afternoon/night everyone! ✒}

this scene was sad and heartbreaking. he confessed to loving her but she kinda brushed it off and concentrated on Peeta and the tour.

David Tennant's hair!

I freaked the crud out in this episode. You've got two of my favorite actors together on the same show and one of them has a Southern accent. Of course I'm going to fangirl. AND THE HAIR!

aang: Bonzu Pippinpaddle Oppsokapolis  *THE THIRD!!! XP

aang: Bonzu Pippinpaddle Oppsokapolis *THE THIRD! XP<----- if I remember right, this, Sato, and Beifong, are the only last names in both series

LOL Legend of Korra

Mama Toph playing the Papa role. Who knows, maybe she had to be both for little Lin. I wish they would release a full series after Korra showing what happened between The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.