SPORTS - University of Ottawa Hockey Team suspended for the actions of two players; sexual assault

University of Ottawa men's hockey team suspended over alleged sex assault

University of Ottawa hockey team under extreme scrutiny for conducting sexual acts on the team bus.

SPORTS - NFL; violence against women

NFL drops ball on domestic violence: Column

This is a current example of victim blaming in the news where a famous nfl player, Ray Rice was accused of domestic abuse on his wife.

SPORTS - Jonathan Dwyer; domestic violence

Jonathan Dwyer formally charged in abuse case

SPORTS - Ray Rice; domestic violence

The NFL's willful ignorance on domestic violence

SPORTS - Ray Rice; domestic violence

SPORTS - Radio call-in show.  Topic:  Should the entire team be punished for the actions of a few players?

US journalist and activist April Reign says these videos are tantamount to snuff films, shared thousands of times, to the point of being debilitating.

SPORTS - Violence against women and children

NFL needs consciousness-raising campaign on domestic abuse, say Stanford experts

Suspended: Ray Rice, seen arriving at court with wife Janay Palmer earlier this year, reportedly plans to appeal his NFL suspension by arguing that the video of him knocking out his then-fiancée in an elevator was edited

SPORTS - Violence

NFL increases punishment for domestic violence

It's time for EVERYONE involved in Ray Rice debacle to tell the whole truth, starting with NFL commish Roger Goodell