Pareidolia: things with faces…///awww. The church looks like a cute ducky. (Good to know I'm not the only one who see's random faces in things lol)


Someone had a little fun…

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This Often Makes Me Wonder

What if when we are babies, we get to choose our talents? (But we don't remember we do)

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Then when you were older, you would ply i the snow without snow pants and smell like a wet dog for the rest of the day...

Haha it sucked being a primary kid. But my family calls them skipants<<< I call them both, but everybody I know says snowpants.

Yeah canadian english I think is kinda a mixture of the two along with some french :3

Seriously, why isn't there a Canadian English option? (Yes, it's fairly close to both, especially British English, but I think we should have our own setting too!

Steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Photo by Rikard Larma "Take me, I am the drug; take me, I am hallucinogenic." ~Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali on the front steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Philadelphia Museum of Art 2005

Winning at parenting

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