All-Bran™ Lebanese Rice Pilaf Recipe - Give your rice a boost of flavour with curry powder and herbs that turn this side dish into a feature.

Marinara, Sweet ‘n Sour, Swedish style! These tasty meatballs are perfect served any way you like.

These herb burgers are sure to please! You can use either burger buns or baguettes and your favorite condiments.

Topped with a crunchy garlic and herb topping, these roasted tomatoes are bound to transport you to the south of France.

All-Bran™ Stuffed Zucchini Boats Recipe -This side-dish is so flavour-packed that no one would blame you for making it the main feature.

These brown rice, ricotta and mushroom stuffed peppers would be a flavourful side to a simple roasted chicken.

These delicious, fibre-rich meatballs can be paired with pasta or enjoyed on their own.

All-Bran™ Mexican Bean Dip Recipe - When everyone gathers round on game day, this Mexican-inspired dip that combines smooth beans and chunky salsa might just be the main attraction.

All-Bran™ Baked Falafel with Tzatziki - This versatile savoury All-Bran™ dish by Regina Braun, makes a great appetizer or main and includes a healthy twist by being baked, not fried.