Actifry - sweet and crispy chicken wings

Korean Sweet and Spicy Chicken Wings

sweet and crispy chicken wings (had no rice vinegar but used sherry and it was nice, dont overcook sauce because it won't stick and even coated peanuts can be used… ps. ordinary pancake syrup will do fine too)

Fiery Shrimp (Actifry)

TFAL Fiery Shrimp (Actifry): Marinate shrimp in suggested ingredients for a few hours, then toss in Actifry for 10 minutes.

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Actifry)

Roasted Brussels Sprouts (Actifry)

ActiFry recipes - fried pickles with cheddar cheese and bacon

Deep Fried Pickles: Dill pickles stuffed with cheddar cheese and bacon, breaded in panko and fried. Can also do with cream cheese instead of cheddar.

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Lemon-Soy Chicken Wings (Actifry)

I got an Actifry for Christmas this year and absolutely love it. I have modified some of my original recipe to cook in the actifry. This is the first one, and it was just as yummy cooked this way and just as easy, but with less oil.