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How many children cycle to school in different countries?

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Acetaminophen overdose a major cause of acute #liverfailure in children: study

How to Soothe a Toddler's Cough Without Medicine Warm milk and stir in a teaspoon of honey and a dash of turmeric for a comforting remedy that is sure to provide cough relief to your little one.

Read our article all about #nutrition and #healthyeating! Now featured on the #SickKidsFoundation Blog!

Stay up to date on the latest news and media being released by SickKids.

Botox for babies?! Could #Botox be beneficial for righting crossed eyes, reducing excessive #drooling, and more??

Botox for babies? Could be beneficial for righting crossed eyes, reducing excessive and more?

One Autistic man's self-written journey from childhood to adulthood and married life.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) - Children with Autism - AboutKidsHealth

Check out our aboutkidshealth resource centres! Our resource centers can be used to navigate entire subjects and/or diseases/illness. Need any info about your child's health?? Parenting advice? We have all of the information about kids health that you could possibly want and it is all provided by experts or other credible sources!

These Resource Centres have been developed in collaboration with parents and experts at The Hospital for Sick Children.

SickKids’ first mobile app helps teens with IBD

SickKids has launched its first mobile app, to help teens with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) better manage their disease.

Can creativity be taught? - AboutKidsHealth

Phonemic awareness is a set of skills children need to learn how to read -- skills many children still lack when they enter school.

#Smoking: 10 reasons for parents to quit - AboutKidsHealth

Discover some incentives to help you avoid lighting up another cigarette.

Visit Jack's Lemonade Stand on Saturday, May 26 in Oakville, Canada. Such an amazing cause started up by such an amazing boy. Let's help Jack with his mission to help children at SickKids!

A child's simple lemonade stand to raise money for epilepsy research has grown to enormous proportions.