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Norfolk detectorist lands Claudius gold
some paintings on the side of a wall with horses and men painted on it's sides
Tomb of Cerberus found
map of the west bank of jordan
Romans in Armageddon
the entrance to an old building with vines growing on it's walls and roof
Mausoleum of Emperor Augustus
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a field with people walking around it
Roman temple found in France - Mars, God of War
an old wooden object is on display in a museum case with other items around it
China’s Ancient Treasures
an ancient egyptian statue holding a baby in its arms and wearing braids on it's head
Evolution of Lipstick
a black and white photo of a statue
Pharaoh Ramesses III murdered by multiple attackers
a man in scuba gear is looking at an ancient structure on the ocean floor,
Uluburun shipwreck
an image of jesus nailed to the rock
a helmet that is made out of metal
Gladiators - Heroes of the Colosseum
an ornate gold object on a white background
Celtic ruler's ring expected to bring £30,000
an ancient gold coin is shown on a white surface
English quarter noble found on Newfoundland beach
an old brick building surrounded by rocks under a cloudy sky
Tunnel found at Taposiris Magna
a gold ring with an animal on it
Imperial tomb of the Wari