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19 Essential Margarita Recipes | We'll take any excuse to shake up some margaritas, and these recipes include the perfect classic iterations and tasty twists to our favorite tequila mixed drink. Try them out now!

This Black Grape and Chile Margarita recipe combines Concord grape juice with serrano chiles. Get the recipe from Food & Wine. (mixed drinks with rum punch recipes)

Donut Walls Is The Newest Wedding Trend That Will Make Your Day Truly Unforgettable | Bored Panda | Bloglovin’

Donut Walls Is The Newest Wedding Trend That Will Make Your Day Truly Unforgettable (Bored Panda)

Donut Hole Cones: Particularly if you have a large or spread-out wedding venue, your guests may want to wander around. They can munch on donut holes in paper cones while mingling with acquaintances.

16 French Recipes Every Beginner Cook Should Master | If you’re looking to up your game in the kitchen, classic French technique will provide you with a useful foundation no matter what you like to cook. ...

This gluten-free version of the classic French beef bourguignon recipe uses rice flour and a sauce reduction to achieve its signature heartiness. Bouquet garni (a bundleof herbs) of 4 sprigs fresh parsley, 6 sprigs fresh thyme, 3 bay leaves

21 Summer Appetizers Your Party Guests Will Love |

Notes: Linda Wisner of Portland, Oregon uses a mix of heirloom tomato varieties from her garden; heirlooms are available in many farmers' markets.

mac n cheese

mac n cheese

Chicken Thighs | Chicken thigh recipes include Mario Batali's herb-and-cheese-stuffed chicken thighs and braised chicken thighs with basil. Plus more chicken thigh recipes.

Indonesian Coconut Rice with Chicken and Zucchini Luscious is the word for this Indonesian version of chicken and rice. Coconut milk spiced with cumin and coriander cooks into the rice and sauces the whole dish.

Thai | These Thai recipes recreate your favorite dishes right at home, including pad thai, pad see yew and chicken curry.

Thai Ground Pork Salad At Thai restaurants, Tom Mylan usually requests a double order of larb (or laab), an addictive appetizer of ground meat spiked with chiles, lime juice and fish sauce and served with lettuce leaves for wrapping.