Austin Chuck-Yin

Austin Chuck-Yin

Austin Chuck-Yin
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Marvel Poker

Marvel Poker Game - The Thing - Human Torch - Mr. Fantastic - Invisible Woman - Spider-Man - She-hulk - Spider-woman - Captain America - Ms. Marvel - Iron F.

Hulk Vs. Spider-Man

hulk vs juggernaut line art by: lui antonio aka stompboxx colors by: Me this piece is a labor of love. this took me the longest to color.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vs. Deadpool

This here is a retailer variant for Hastings for issue one of Guardians of the Galaxy. Absolutely thrilled that I got to work with the great and on it. Guardians of the Galaxy 1 retailer variant

Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel & Agent Venom

Guardians of the Galaxy free comic book day cover mystery character revealed. it’s not venom, it’s actually a new character called NERD RAAAAGGEE :) now stop asking me spoiler questions. you’ll find.

Gambit, Nightcrawler & Wolverine Vs. Sentinel

My Entry for Battle Artist. This weeks topic was Gambit from the X-men. I originally had only Gambit battling the Sentinel, but I was having so much fun. BA Gambit and the X-men