How to do a smokey eye. A is 3rd darkest, B is lightest, C is second lightest, D is darkest.

"Will make the perfect smokey eye! it better work just like paint-by-numbers. My "smokey eye" makeup always look like a fire hazard.

Car Emergency Kit that fits in a wipes box

Cute mini car "emergency" kit in a wipe container covered with cute fabric! The "I need a" kit contains a link to what you should put in your handy car kit. Not so much emergency or first aid as things you need regularly in a pinch.


Life becomes easier when you learn to accept an apology you never got - Robert Brault some people need to learn morals and manners. When you're wrong you're wrong accept it and do something about it. If not it doesn't matter life goes on.

Her father passed away before the wedding and the men in her life wanted to do something special for special!! Be prepared, this is the sweetest and most heart wrenching thing.

Her father passed away before the wedding and the men in her life wanted to do something for her. Her brother recorded "butterfly kisses" and she danced with her close family during her Father and Daughter dance. Prepare to cry like a baby.

great source for all your cricut questions and know hows

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DIY baby shower gift.

DIY Monthly Onesies - Good idea for a baby shower. Monthly onesies to take pictures of the baby's first year growth.


let go what you can't change.let go what you can't change.let go what you can't change.


I dont read Fifty Shades but I find this extremely funny lol I feel this way about any movie lol

love this bench around the tree

love this bench around the tree, pallets. Fruit trees or when the big tree is safe

it is your choice to be happy.

"Most folks are only as happy as they make up their minds to be. I need to daily remember how beautiful my life is and not worry about situations that try to rob my joy. A message for my girls always choose happiness!


Dedicated to the Beagle dogs and Beagle puppies. Covering topics like Hunting Beagles, Beagle Breeders and Beagle Rescue. Get tips on training your Beagle dog and Beagle puppy!

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Short Guitars | Hand Crafted Guitars

Short Guitars | Hand Crafted Guitars