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Synthesizer Controller Mockup ~ Funki Porcini album cover

Album cover from Funky Porcini – Fast Asleep. What we’d give to be surrounded by this much analogue gear! We can only assume she’s asleep after spending 48 hours straight messing with Moog patch bays!

RA: Machine Love: Felix K

Hovering somewhere between techno, ambient and drum bass but rejecting the conventions of all three, this Berlin artists records are as elusive as they are absorbing. Mark Smith hears about the production methods behind his sound.

why this mod reminds me of gay pride is beyond me...

adamthegirl: “ ocelott: “ taikichido: “ analog modular synthesizer ” I’m learning how to play analogue synth for the optional winter course my class offers. This synth is absolutely gorgeous.

Verbos Composition Suitcase Eurorack synthesizer in a vintage case.

“Music Gear: "This custom case was built to resemble vintage suitcase synthesizers of the early like the Buchla Electric Music Box and the EMS…”