Day 7: Bucket Toss Golf

Bucket Toss Golf: Activities - Active for Life

Day 29: Leave the car at home today or park it a couple of blocks away from your destination

8 ways to leave your keys on the hook, without getting rid of your car - Active For Life

Day 27: Use existing things around the house to make up fun ways of moving

Our role explain how they find creative ways to sneak in activity for their families every day, to ensure that their kids are developing physical literacy.

Day 22: Create your own unique famiy game

DIY fun: From "scolf" to "floor ninja", sometimes the best games are homemade - Active For Life

Day 23: Unwind with a family yoga session

A guide for teachers - Noisy, Messy, Squirmy, and Quiet: Mindfulness and Yoga for Preschoolers

Day 21: Go for a nature walk or create a forest indoors

Lessons outside and recess in the rain, outdoor schools help kids' physical literacy

Day 15: Assess your sleep habits, and make one adjustment for a better night sleep for all

You need sleep. Your child needs sleep. Get the best sleep with these simple tips. For more parenting advice, visit P&G everyday!

Promise to get active every day with the Active for Life Parent Promise

Help your kids learn to love to move with our parent promise - Active For Life

Day 28: Have everyone in the family brush their teeth with their non-dominant hand

10 easy ways you can add physical literacy to your kids’ daily routine

Day 25: Try something new as a family, like parkour

Your kids can move like they’re in a video game with parkour - Active For Life

Day 24: play a few active rounds of Simon/Simona Says

From spy games to dancing, here are five more innovative ideas to keep your children active while indoors during the winter months.

Day 18: River Bank (easy jumping activity)

River Bank: Activities - Active For Life