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Collection of my latest race report blog posts. I write up stories about a lot of things I do, but mainly focused on my travels and races, with the occasional fun irrelevant story thrown in.

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Mad About Winter - Double race report from the Mad Trapper snowshoe race series. Snowshoe, Running Quotes, Mad, Racing, Winter, Lace, Run Quotes

Mad About Winter - ActiveSteve

Yup, you read right. I’m mad about winter. But in a good way :-) I know it’s been a little while since I updated my blog, so I figured I’d do a 2 for 1 race report in this post, seeing as both races form part of the Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race series. The first one occurred way back in early December, and the 2nd took place a little earlier in January. Both races were quite unique, and ironically, both races saw me finish in 5th place overall in the 10km race category. In a departure from most…

Does my Ass Look Fat to You? Report from the Fat Ass Trail run. I was recovering from a fractured ankle, but ran anyway! Heavy Breathing, Running Race, Focus On Me, Trail, Told You So, Fat, Ankle, Reading, Health

Does my Ass Look Fat to You? - ActiveSteve

There is an expression that I've found particularly useful at certain times in my life: "Discretion is the better part of valour". It is a literary expression which means that it is better to be careful and think before you act than it is to be brave and take risks. It is most commonly referenced to Shakespeare, in Henry IV, Part One (1596). Where have I found this applicable? Well, it's very good to remind yourself of this phrase when you are a competitive athlete and have some sort of…

Success on all Fronts on the East Coast - Report from the Inaugural Epic Dartmouth Dartmouth, Bike Run, East Coast, Swim, Success, Eat, Swimming, Bathing

Success on all Fronts on the East Coast - ActiveSteve

As I trotted around the turnaround point of the run loop to head out on my 2nd loop of the 10.5km run course, I made the final decision. I would NOT upgrade myself to the full iron-distance event by doing an additional 2 loops after this one. It had been a scorcher of a day on the course so far, and completing the Epic-distance race, as originally planned, would be plenty enough racing for me on this fine Canada Day in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. After all, I would still have raced 205km by the…

Hitting the Slopes One Last Time - Race report from a crazy, late-season ski race I did. downhill skiing, on classic skis! Ski Racing, Cross Country, Skiing, Classic, Ski, Cross Country Running, Classic Books, Trail Running

Hitting the Slopes One Last Time - ActiveSteve

Howdy everyone! I hope that everyone is enjoying the long overdue spring weather that we may be finally getting. Just today, I finally noticed some buds appearing on the branches, so I *think* we may finally have bid adieu to winter! However, it does appear as though I was a tad premature in my final post when I indicated that it was my last race for the winter season. As it turns out, thanks in part to late snow, I had one final crazy race to try my luck in. XCZone’s Camp Fortune Nordix…

One Final Mad Dash for Winter Race Season - My race report from the final winter snowshoe race at the Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race. Snowshoe, Good Times, Skiing, Mad, Seasons, Winter, Collection, Fashion, Ski

One Final Mad Dash for Winter Race Season - My race report from the final winter snowshoe race at the Mad Trapper Snowshoe Race. Good times abound!

Racing with an International Flair - My race report from heading back to the Gatineau Loppet. This year, it was the Classic race for me! Riding Helmets, Racing, Classic, Collection, Fashion, Moda, Lace, Fasion, Classic Books

Racing with an International Flair - ActiveSteve

As you have all seen from the flurry of recent race reports that I’ve finally got around to posting, the winter racing season has been in full swing on my end! Luckily, things are starting to wind down, and I’ll soon be turning my mind to spring and summer active pursuits. However, I’ve still got a couple events to knock out here and write about. For this post, I’ll give you a little colour around the 35th Annual Gatineau Loppet that I took part in on February 16th. As the title implies…

Chasing Silver in the Hills - My report from getting my silver pin at the Canadian Ski Marathon. Next year, I'm going for GOLD! Going For Gold, Some Pictures, Marathon, Ski, This Or That Questions, Silver, Money, Skiing, Marathons

Chasing Silver in the Hills - ActiveSteve

Now, normally, people chase gold when they head into the hills. But if you’re me, and the event in question is the Canadian Ski Marathon, you chase silver! At least this year. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, don’t worry, it will all become pretty clear, and it’s pretty simple really. This blog post will be all about my quest to complete the CSM for the second year in a row. CSM has a progression if you are trying to complete the whole event as what is known as a Coureur des Bois…

One More Tri During Winterlude - My race report from the 2013 Winterlude Tri in Ottawa. Sweet Pic, Ottawa, Triathlon, Riding Helmets, Racing, Collection, Triathalon, Lace

One More Tri During Winterlude - ActiveSteve

Hello friends and fellow outdoor lovers. I’m happy to bring you another rapid race report on another of my recurring winter races. This time, I’m talking about the 35th annual Winterlude triathlon. This event is each year not only a challenge to participants, but also seemingly to the organizers, as the weather always seems to wreak havoc on what they have in store. This year was no different, as you will learn about shortly! For my part, I was once again covering the event for Get Out…

Chasing the Snowman. 2 Races in 1 Day! My race report from the inaugural Frost and Fire Tri AND the Mad Trapper Night Race. 1 Day, Fitbit Flex, Frost, Snowman, Mad, Racing, Fire, Night, Lace

Chasing the Snowman... 2 Races in 1 Day! - ActiveSteve

Hello all. It should come to no surprise to anyone who knows me that I will often enter and be interested in new and interesting races / challenges to keep me motivated to train and race. Well, recently, there was a new challenge unveiled at a Mad Trapper race (started as a mere suggestion, but ‘snowballed’ into the real deal). The challenge was that on January 26th, a ‘Snowman’ and ‘Snowwoman’ would be crowned. How so? Well, the fastest time combined in the Frost and Fire Winter Triathlon…

Rest, Relaxation, and Racing in Switzerland - Post which touches on the Marathon that Deanna and I raced while on vacation in Switzerland Morning Sky, Lausanne, Hostel, Over The Years, Perfect Place, Marathon, Switzerland, Rest, Racing

Rest, Relaxation, and Racing in Switzerland - ActiveSteve

Hello friends! As you all know well, I'm somewhat of a fan of taking part in races whenever I get the chance. Well, as it turns out, that apparently also extends to when I take some vacation time! This post will cover both the vacation that Deanna and I recently took in Switzerland (3 weeks!) as well as the half marathon that we both race in while there. Some of you may not realize this, but I am lucky enough to have dual citizenship. Canadian, and Swiss. I still have quite a bit of family…

Three Days of Mountain Bike Nirvana - Race report from the Crank the Shield staged mountain bike race. Mountain Bike Races, Three Days, Nirvana, Racing, Lace

Three Days of Mountain Bike Nirvana - ActiveSteve

Hey all, sorry it’s taken me so long to put words to the page for this race report. No doubt most of you have already checked out my 3-part video review of the event, but as always, I also like to follow up with a proper blog post with some additional thoughts from me on the event. The main reason for my delay was an awesome 3-week vacation with Deanna in Switzerland that we just got back from. Although I had intended to do some writing while over there, I was truly more interested in…

Power-Napping Through a 24 Hour Race - Race report from the annual Wilderness Traverse adventure race. Wicked fun and sleep deprivation! Power Nap, Sleep Deprivation, My Dear Friend, 16 Year Old, A Team, Wilderness, Wicked, Racing, Adventure

Power-Napping Through a 24 Hour Race - ActiveSteve

Off the top, no, the power napper was not me. However, this was going to be absolutely necessary to ensure finishing the race as a TEAM. That, my dear friends, is what adventure racing is all about. Doing the right things at the right times as a TEAM in order to get to the finish line. Of course, I'm reporting to you all on the 2012 Wilderness Traverse Race. This is the 3rd time the race takes place, and the 3rd time I participate. Also, for the third year running, I ended up racing with a…

Grinding it Out in Huntsville - Race report from the Muskoka Grind off-road Triathlon. It rained, but a good time nonetheless! Forest And Wildlife, Grinding, Triathlon, Racing, Triathalon, Lace

Grinding it Out in Huntsville - ActiveSteve

They say everyone has a doppelganger somewhere in the world. Well, apparently, I may have inadvertently crossed paths with my ‘sporting’ doppelganger at the recent inaugural Muskoka Grind Off-Road Tri. You see, I finished this race in 4th place in my category, a mere 1m14s off the podium. Okay, 1:14 isn’t that close in a 2.5hr race, right? Well, it get’s interesting event by event. For the swim, this fellow was a mere 3 seconds faster. The bike? He was only 16 seconds faster. And the run?…

Paying it Forward at Raid Pulse The importance of volunteering at local events. Pay It Forward, Local Events


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Radical Racing at the RockstAR Race - Report from the 8 hour RockstAR Adventure Race at Bark Lake Pretty Cool, Racing, Adventure, Fun, Lace, Fairytail, Lol, Fairy Tales, Funny

Radical Racing at the RockstAR Race - ActiveSteve

Greetings friends, and welcome to another exciting race report from the wilds of the Muskoka region! Yup, that's right, once again, I made my way into the beautiful lands west of Ottawa and north of Toronto. This time, I was taking part in the RockstAR Adventure Race, an 8-hour rogaine-style adventure race (more on this later), with my friend and team-mate of years gone by, Carl. And for a change, I actually wasn't covering this event for the magazine. I was bona-fide just there for some fun…

Gran Fondo Ottawa AKA Line-up From Hades - Report from the inaugural GranFondo Ottawa Bike tour Boston Marathon, Hades, Ottawa, Lineup, Racing, Bike, Greek Underworld, Bicycle, Lace

Gran Fondo Ottawa AKA Line-up From Hades - ActiveSteve

Looking back on my various race and event results, I have now been a pretty physically active fellow for almost exactly 10 years. I have done countless events of every type and description. Short 5k runs, up to 7-day major international events. I’ve done grass-roots style events and slick corporate-backed mega-events like the Boston Marathon. They all have one thing in common. Registration and kit pick-ups. This is sort of the ‘welcome mat’ to an event, and sets the tone and stage for what…