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Adam St-Pierre

Adam St-Pierre
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Acaia Lunar Espresso Scale

acaia lunar espresso scale and iPhone Android App

Pepsi Can Stove How-to

Us ultra-lighters are always looking for ways to save weight. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to shed a few ounces or even pounds is to use a homemade alcohol pepsi stove.


Portable Coffee Maker // simply plug the Handpresso into your car and have fresh brewed espresso on the go within minutes. Buy at www.espressooutle… Similar to the new Minipresso – the Handpresso Auto and the Handpresso Wild are the original portable espr

Recette infusion à froid #coldbrew #coffee

Recette infusion à froid #coldbrew #coffee

Chemex 6-Cup Classic Series Glass Coffee Maker Chemex ($57)

Known as a pristine coffeemaker, Chemex employs all of the chemically correct methods for brewing. Its hourglass shaped flask is made entirely of glass, a chemically inert material that does not absorb odors or chemical residues. The Chemex Glass Coffe

acaia | pearl | acaia

Coffee Scale is a minimalist design created by USA-based designer Acaia. Master the art of coffee brewing with Acaia -the only scale designed for coffee enthusiasts that monitors the weight, time and flow-rates as you brew coffee.