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Adam Charles Roettger
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Oh Nora...

Nora belongs to RWBY which is owned by Monty Oum and Rooster Teeth So Rwby is a web series, fun to watch, lot of action, love the character Nora V. Rwby Ep Oh Nora.


black legwear blade bob cut boots bow dress green eyes hair bow long sleeves looking at viewer orange hair outstretched arm penny (rwby) rwby short hair smile solo thigh boots thighhighs zettai ryouiki

rwby red | Tumblr

(RWBY) Hello I'm Ruby Rose and I'm a huntress in training. I curious childish and have a scythe/sniper rifle for my weapon called Crescent Rose I'm friends with Weiss,Blake, And Yang my sister>>>XD Love this show

Blake by infinote

rwby-fan: “ Blake by infinote ” This is my exact pose in front of my laptop


Backpack the source of attack kittens, so that you don't result running into the clown car base trope.


black eyes black hair blake belladonna blue eyes bow cape copyright name dress fingerless gloves gauntlets gloves hair bow highres infinote long hair multiple girls ponytail rapier ruby rose rwby scarf short hair sword violet eyes weapon weiss schne