Bombardier Commercial Aircraft is pleased to announce that it has appointed Fokker Services BV as its Authorised Service Provider (ASP) covering component repair management for the aircraft thus strengthening its Bombardier Smart Parts programme.


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healthyme 757x1024 Healthy Me: Presents and Gifts that Will Help Me Along the Way

healthyme A Update Winter Walking and Small Changes

2013 12 22 11.03.24 764x1024 Ice Storm Aftermath

2013 12 22 11.03.24 764x1024 Ice Storm Aftermath

2014 1024x1022 Three Words for 2014

2014 Three Words for 2014

Get to Know the Cultural Side of the Kawarthas #perfectwknds

Canadian Better Living Shares the Secrets of Where Food Comes From

Visit the Kawarthas for a fun family adventure, delicious culinary experience and educational cultural enrichment that everyone in the family will love!