Rebecca Walters

Rebecca Walters

Rebecca Walters
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Raw blueberry and cashew coconut bars

RAW blueberry cashew coconut bars What you'll need: Base: brazil nuts walnuts dates 5 tbsp melted coconut oil White layer: cashews date syrup or agave coconut oil Purple layer: berries coconut oil coconut flour cashews

20 DIY Projects You Can Make for Under $10 | Apartment Therapy

Ebru Turkish water marbling art DIY Marbled Bowls - use a bath of hot water and drops of nail polish to roll objects into or lay flat card stock into the bath to create a marble look

This Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Pie is such an easy and fun dessert! Perfect for birthdays or BBQs!

Brownie Bottom Ice Cream Cake: Bake brownies as directed, let cool (optional chocolate frosting for next layer). Scoop/spread softened ice cream on top. Layer on whip cream, throw on some sprinkles.