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Desiree Thomas on Instagram: "I get asked all the time how I travel so much, so I’m finally spilling all the☕️! If you’re looking to save money on your next trip, here are a few apps, tips and hacks I’ve used to get the best flights.[Bookmark for later] 1. Comparing prices is key. My favorite websites to use are @skyscanner and Google Flights. These platforms allow you to view flights from a month view to compare the dates and get the cheapest rates. I’ve found that traveling on Wednesdays an
a beach with the text final quarter of 2012 challenge wake up before 8am meditate for 15 minutes a day workout 3 - 4x a week
Desiree Thomas on Instagram: "I am relearning the true meaning of wealth Society makes it easy to associate the meaning of wealth to the value in your bank account and the assets you own. But here’s the thing, money is easy to make, true wealth isn’t as easy. The type of wealth I’m referring too can’t be purchased. It’s your health, the relationships you build, the knowledge you contain and how you value time. So! For the next 90 days, the goal is to redefine true wealth and prioritize it mo
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desireethomas.ca on Instagram: It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve taken personal brand photos/ headshots! Two years!!! How long has it been for you?
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adesiredjourney on Instagram: It’s Gemini Season 😈 & yes I’m reposting this here, I’m obsessed with the dress😌 #ootd #weddingguest #summerdress #outfitoftheday…
Favourite summer lip colour!
You are beautiful!
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skin at eleven’s Instagram profile post: “Doing what we love most❤️”
Best hotel in Toronto
Starting a new business? Taking you behind the scenes w/ @skinateleven
It keeps happening!
Attracting the life I desire. IG: @adesiredjourney