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This is a picture of an unemployed man during the Great Depression. He feels that it is humiliating and embarrassing to take charity and he would much rather work for his money. This is a credible source as it is a picture taken during the Great Depression. This shows that unemployed men did not want to accept charity because they felt that it was demeaning and embarrassing. They would all much rather get a job to work for their money but there were so few if not no jobs available.

The Great Depression. A lesson learned from history. Too bad more people aren't like this. Shame on those who would rather scramble for hand outs than go to work.

This is a picture of unemployed people during the Great Depression who cannot afford food, so they are forced to go to these soup kitchen that offer free rations of food that are barely enough to sustain the recipient. This is a credible source because it is a picture taken during this time of mass starvation. This changed the lives of Canadians because it was the first form of relief that they had received during this time. They now had some food to eat, and it eased the pain that they…

During the Great Depression preceding the passage of the Social Security Act, "soup kitchens" provided the only meals some unemployed Americans had. This particular soup kitchen was sponsored by the Chicago gangster, Al Capone.

This image shows men travelling from city to city in search for work. During the Great Depression, unemployment was a substantial issue, to a very high extent. This is a credible source because it is a picture showing the tribulation that these men went through. This changed the lives of Canadian men because there was no work where they lived, so they had to travel to different cities in search for work. The sign in the picture is telling the men that this city does not have work so 'Keep…

The Great Depression In this picture, the board's caption shows "Jobless men keep going" and there are exactly people walking in front the board. It shows in the Great Depression time, there are lots of jobless people.

This is a picture of the Fascist Leader of Italy, Benito Mussolini. Mussolini inspired Hitler to do the horrible things he did, therefore, if Mussolini did not exist, Hitler may not have carried out the Holocaust. This is a credible source because it is a picture taken during Mussolini's time of power. Due to the fact that Hitler used Mussolini as an example, Canadians were obliged to change their lifestyle into that of wartime to help the war effort.

mussolini- Benito Amilcare Andrea Mussolini was an Italian politician, journalist, and leader of the National Fascist Party, ruling the country as Prime Minister from 1922 until he was ousted in

This is a picture of Adolph HItler, the leader of Nazi Germany. This picture was taken during World War 2. This is a credible source because it is a picture that was taken directly during World War 2, when Hitler was a powerful influence. Hitler affected the lives of Canadians because he started the war, and as a result, Canadians had to change every aspect of their lives because there was a World War occurring.

In The Book Thief Hitler was a historical aspect because he was the center of why there were bombings in Germany and why Jews were marched through the streets to the concentration camp, Dachau. Also, he was the reason Liesel was in the Hitler Youth Group.

This is a picture that shows the 'Duststorm' in the 1930s, massive drought and dry conditions caused these storms that made life extremely difficult. This is a credible source because it is a picture that someone took of an approaching storm, taken as the storm was occurring. The Duststorms negatively affected all Canadians, but it especially affected farmers and people who lived in the Prairie Provinces. People were forced to change their lifestyle based on the storms.

Follett TX, The Dust Bowl Days - The "Dust Bowl" days of the recalls to mind most vividly the billowing black duster which struck on an Easter Sunday.

This is a picture of the renowned "Bennett Buggy", a car that is being pulled by a horse because it's owner could not afford to buy gas for their car. They put the blame on R.B. Bennett, hence the name, Bennett Buggy. This is a credible source because it is a picture directly taken during the Great Depression. This changed the lives of the people who owned cars, but also, it affected everyone because if people could not even afford gas, they definitely could not afford other essential…

This is a real photo of a car being pulled by a horse. This is commonly known as a "Bennett Buggy". People were using "Bennett Buggys" as a means of transportation because they could not afford gas for their car during the great depression.