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Did this today and she said, "Nope..we're going into JCP." And I'm thinking, "JCP CAN WAIT 1D CANNOT"  -H

I did this yesterday in DSW shoes and start oped singing quite loud and my mom kept shushing me and telling me to grow up. And then this girl walked past me and was singing and was giving me the look. Like "hello fellow Directioner" look

Hahaha I always think that when he says that part. Hangry girl over here

XDD LooL oh hell yes ! Don't say no Niall cause your friend Justin is right we could be starving for sure because we need food and we have to eat something lol 😄😅😆😂😂😂😂😂😂❤️

I remember before everyone was like,"well if 2d is length and width, then 1D is just length!" Before these great days of fangirling, we still talked about them. :) so lines go on forever, so 1D has gone a long way. ;) MATH JOKES!

I'm imagining what my math teacher would do if I said this in class. I'm going to pay the seventh graders to scream, "a British Irish boy band!