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Need help planning a trip to Africa? Download your free copy of the Ultimate #Safari Guide
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14 Of the best places to visit in Southern Africa
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Ring-tailed lemurs in Madagascar are but one of many species of lemur found there. My most memorable experience is waking up to the sound of the Indri indri in Andasibe National Park.
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Where Adventure Begins
First cheetah I ever saw was in Etosha, Namibia. Two actually within half an hour. Throw in black rhino, lion lying in ambush at a waterhole and beautiful gemsbok and you have a wildlife experience that is hard to beat.
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10 Amazing Lion Sculptures Made From Surprising Stuff...
10 AMAZING Lion Artworks built from rather surprising material ( ... including one item you can only get from a hotel ... ) // Click here to watch:
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Three cheetahs spotted on safari with Adventure Coordinators #kenya #youradventure
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a leopard appeared, walked with us, then vanished into the bush like a ghost-like apparition
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1000 places to go before i die
Victoria Falls in Africa - when I first saw these falls I was utterly impressed. Turned out what I glimpsed through the trees was only a small part of the falls. Over a mile wide and 100 metres high, these are some amazing cascades. When you're there make sure you do the rafting. Class 4 and 5 all the way (and one class 6 which you walk around) - the BEST!
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Namibian desert
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I was on the best safari in the world - amazing wildlife, terrific guides and luxury!
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Okavango Delta, Botswana