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Macbeth hires two murderers to kill Banquo and Fleance. At first it's two but then a third murderer appears. Macbeth contemplates what he is about to do. Then Macbeth sends them off to do his deed.

Act III scene i First Murderer: We are men, my lord.

Lady Macbeth ~ Macbeth

O, never shall sun that morrow see, illustration from 'Macbeth' in 'Stories from Shakespeare: Retold by Thomas Carter' published (colour litho)

Mary Ann Bernal: History Trivia - Duncan, King of Scots murdered by...

Above is a cartoon image of Macbeth killing Duncan. Although in the story the murder is depicted while Duncan sleeps, in reality Macbeth slaughters Duncan in battle.

A difference between the real Macbeth and the play Macbeth, is how Macbeth murdered King Duncan I. In the play Macbeth murders Duncan in his sleep and in real life Macbeth claimed himself king when he slayed King Duncan in battle.