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Excel Blog - Can’t remember all those Excel keyboard shortcuts? Now you don’t have to!

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Keyboard shortcuts....You use them every day to make your work flow smoothly, or - in some cases - to make your work flow, period. In all honesty, I use some of them so often that I have no idea where to find those functions on the ribbon! (Copy? Paste? Undo? I haven't done those with a mouse in YEARS!) And I know I'm not alone. In the content that I manage, it is THE most popular subject, and generates the most feedback, with Excel users leading the charge. So, in response to an…

Doctor Dictates Note to Medical Transcriptionist

For all the hard working medical transcriptionists out there, here is a medical transcription cartoon that can be used for newsletters, presentations, etc. Medical record cartoons and dictation or …

Medical Transcription Grammar: How To Transcribe Diagnostic Lab Data

How to Transcribe Diagnostic Lab Data

A medical transcriptionist will transcribe all kinds of diagnostic data in their lifetime. Learn more about TFTs, LFTs, cardiac enzymes, coagulation panels, and cholesterol profiles.

How to Get Work in Medical Transcription - an eBook with lots of information to help the medical transcriptionist find work.

How To Get Work – eBook

You have the knowledge. You have the skills. You have the equipment. Now market yourself to get the work! Medical transcriptionists have many options, e.g., ind…

MTs have gotta know that grammar!

MTs have gotta know that grammar!

Medical terminology ... because everyone needs some rest now and then! hahaha

Medical terminology ... because everyone needs some rest now and then! hahaha

Just for fun


Just for fun

Work at Home Woman blog on the medical transcription opportunity.

From Job Loss to Successful Home-Based Career, Here's How

Find out how Erika Gomm was able to take her husband's job loss and turn the situation into a successful home-based career!

Why Choose Career Step for Your Medical Coding Education?

Why Choose Career Step for Medical Coding Education? | Career Step Blog

Career Step is an outstanding choice for medical coding and billing education because we’re a leader in career training programs specific to medical coding and billing. If you’re already one of our students, congrats on choosing one of the best programs out there! You can train with the confidence of knowing that you’re being prepared …

A great article about the 5 Benefits Of Medical Transcription In “The Cloud” is for sale

A great article about the 5 Benefits Of Medical Transcription In “The Cloud”

Be a better MT by knowing how and WHEN to research...

Intuitive Research: Enhance Medical Terminology Skills - Career Step Blog

In our previous posts, you may have noticed that we talked a lot about technological developments that affect the medical transcription field—electronic medical records, home office equipment, and speech recognition software. All of these things have and will continue to change and evolve. There is at least one thing, however, that remains the same. Even …

Up your MT productivity! You just have to know your acronyms!

Text Expanders | Addressing the Acronym Phenomenon | CareerStep

We’ve all been in an intense conversation with someone when all of a sudden that uncomfortable pause occurs when they receive a text message, and they

How to Calculate Medical Transcription Pay Rates | eHow

How to Calculate Medical Transcription Pay Rates

The average medical transcriptionist earns $9.22 to $12.33 per hour in her first year up to $14.38-$19.03 after20 years, according to But most medical transcriptionist aren't paid by the hour. The standard rate is calculated by character line count.