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it has been said.

The tight bond between any and all women that is welcome and needed in a world filled with predatory men who see you as fresh meat. Girls protect girls don't wait for a guy to come and protect you don't think only a guy is supposed to protect you

Sitbon Architectes Futuristic phytoplankton farm could restore equilibrium in oceans

Bloom: by Janet Fang/Smart Planet/the-above-water-bloom-by-sitbon-architectes A livable phytoplankton farm to be installed in the Indian Ocean. Every factory would have its own bloom allowing it to absorb the that it created

I just awkwardly nod and smile

As a cashier myself, this is so true. I say no problem all the time, and no one else has a problem. You sound just as nice when you say "no problem" vs. "youre welcome" ; Agreed, I say "No problem" to people all the time.

Feminism- exactly.  It has taken me years to even develop awareness of how much we have been impacted.  I'm so glad younger women are aware NOW.

Like y'all are SERIOUSLY out here MURDERING women for reserving their right to say no to you. It's NOT a debate, I WANT to be able to go outside without the intrusive thought of, "I could get killed today!

Crow lore

Lore of the Crow, don't know whats with the upside down pentagram on this, the lore is correct, but I in no way associate Crows/Ravens with Satanism (which is what this symbol represents)