Ontario’s Framework for Marijuana Regulation: An Update

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30 Days in Jail for Man Convicted of Drinking and Driving

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Court Finds that Solitary Confinement Laws are Unconstitutional

Ontario Court found sections of the Corrections and Conditional Release Act regarding administrative segregation to be procedurally unfair and contrary to the principles of fundamental justice as they infringe upon the rights granted under the Charter.

Supreme Court of Canada Finds That Some Texts Are Considered Private

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Ontario Will No Longer Prosecute HIV Non-Disclosure Cases

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OPP Launches 2017 Festive R.I.D.E. Campaign

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Ontario Crown Prosecutors Ordered to Get More Individuals Out on Bail

Ontario’s current bail system is simply not working. It has been reported that almost of the individuals held in Ontario’s jails are waiting for their…

Recommendations for Changes to Inmate Conditions in Canada

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What is "Wilful Blindness" in Criminal Law?

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What is Public Mischief?

Public mischief is a serious offence within the Criminal Code of Canada involving the deliberate intention to provide false information to a peace officer.