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Dress up your stairs with decorative brackets.

Brackets – they are not just for propping up and securing wooden boards to build wall shelves, but can be elegant used in a number of home decorating projects. So, have a look at these 10 awesome ideas to decorate your home with brackets: Mounting a br

Gerry's Homemade Rusks

When I first arrived in South Africa I was completely unprepared for the local obsession with rusks. To my mind, and to most non-South Africans, a rusk is a dry, hard baby biscuit, designed to aid …

Olive Chickpea Flour Bread | #vegan #glutenfree #contentednesscooking #plantbased #soyfree #dairyfree

My Olive Chickpea Flour Bread recipe brings you a fresh homemade vegan and gluten free bread with extra flavor. Using my Olive Hummus in combination with chickpea flour results in a hearty taste that will blow you away. And you make this homemade bread se