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Do You Want to Be A Part of the Journey. #Delhi2013 - from a big crazy dream to reality...join us for the experience of a lifetime.
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Did You 'Shake The World' in 2012? http://www.afreshchapter.com/did-you-shake-the-world-in-2012.html

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi As we wind down I sit reflecting on the year and how far we have come in the last 12 mon

Meet the #Delhi2013 Dozen. It's exciting to see dreams becoming real for 12 people.  http://www.afreshchapter.com/meet-the-delhi2013-dozen-big-hairy-audacious-dreamers.html

When is the last time you put yourself out there in a vulnerable way and told someone about a big hairy audacious dream? Did you pour yourself a stiff drink or

Want The Secret To Leaping Through the Dark? http://www.afreshchapter.com/the-secret-to-leaping-through-the-dark.html

We must walk consciously only part way toward our goal, and then leap in the dark to our success. ~ Henry David Thoreau When is the last time you did somethi

The #Delhi2013 Mob on Richard Branson Continues. We Need Your Voice To Shape History: http://www.afreshchapter.com/the-delhi2013-mob-on-richard-branson-continues-we-need-your-voice-to-shape-history.html

Social Media MOBBING for good! Let's get Sir Richard Branson's attention.

#GivingTuesday. Join Our Mob For Good So We Can Help the #Delhi2013 Dozen Fly @VirginAtlantic. @RichardBranson - we believe in @VirginUnite and the amazing work your team is doing: http://www.afreshchapter.com/join-our-mob-for-good-so-we-can-help-the-delhi2013-dozen-fly-virgin.html

Boldness has genius and power and magic in it.” -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe When is the last time you parti

It's time to go ALL IN! Are you with us. Let's "Screw Business As Usual":  http://www.afreshchapter.com/were-screwing-business-as-usual-are-you-in.html #sbau #delhi2013

The cultural activities for are going to be amazing. Can't wait to get back to New Delhi with 12 amazing cancer survivors.

Are You One of the 12? The search for the #Delhi2013 Tribe begins: http://www.afreshchapter.com/delhi2013-are-you-one-of-the-12.html

Are You One of the 12? The search for the #Delhi2013 Tribe begins: http://www.afreshchapter.com/delhi2013-are-you-one-of-the-12.html

Who wants to feel like Oprah for a day? http://www.afreshchapter.com/delhi2013-a-chance-for-you-to-feel-like-oprah-for-a-day.html

22 Jokes All "How To Get Away With Murder" Fans Will Appreciate

Let's Make History Already!!! Thank you for joining us. We're SO CLOSE. http://www.afreshchapter.com/were-soo-close-help-us-keep-the-mob-momentum-going.html

Your voices are shaping history. A week ago, we asked you to join us in a "mob for good" on Sir Richard Branson and Virgin Atlantic.

So Thankful! We Have Our 12 for #Delhi2013: http://www.afreshchapter.com/celebrating-delhi2013-we-have-our-12.html

No one would have crossed the ocean if he could have gotten off the ship in the storm. Charles Kettering If you saw the title of last week's post, Sobbing o

Not Every Moment of the Journey is Easy: Sobbing on a Speeding Train…but #Delhi2013 will be worth the sacrifice and challenges ahead: http://www.afreshchapter.com/sobbing-on-a-speeding-train.html

Sobbing on a Speeding Train…

#Delhi2013 - A Year of Homelessness Gives Birth To A Big Dream: http://www.afreshchapter.com/delhi2013-a-year-of-homelessness-gives-birth-to-a-big-dream.html

As a kid, did you dream about your perfect life? The perfect husband (or wife) who had no emotional baggage or issues of his/her own, the curly haired (always p

When #Delhi2013 became real. Look how far we've come since Aug 23, 2012. Let's keep #livingthedream: http://www.afreshchapter.com/the-time-for-big-hairy-is-now-2.html

The time for Big and Hairy is now.