MLK peaceful or not peaceful activity

Peaceful or not peaceful activity. First or second grade classroom guidance. Pair with The Peace Book by Todd Parr, Martin's Big Words, or We Are All Born Free. Timely all year but especially International Peace Day (September), or MLK Day (January).

B's kindergarten teacher did this on MLK Day for the kids.  When B came home from school and told me about it her exact words were, "Yep, brown skin people and white skin people are the same.  We're all disgusting on the inside."

Teaching Diversity with eggs and various craft projects - click through to see them all! Perfect activities for Martin Luther King Jr Day!

Peace and Remembering {Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day Activities, also great for Martin Luther King Jr.Day}

Peace Activities for Remembrance Day and Veterans Day

A post called Peace Activities for Remembrance Day and Veteran's Day, includes a writing lesson and FREE peace writing template and poppy art.

These children's books will teach your kids how to be a good friend and how to deal with friendship problems. Perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids too. But the BEST part about this list of picture books about friendship? Every book on it is 100% approved by kids *and* parents.

42 Children's Books That Will Teach Kids How to Be a Good Friend

Todd Parr reading his fabulous book "The Peace Book". I read this with my class every Remembrance Day and we make a class book. I just wish he would make a YouTube video where he reads the French version!

Todd Parr reading his fabulous book "The Peace Book". Make a class book with your students after reading it together. Great for Remembrance Day.

Earth Day Peace Flags! Fun for toddlers

Project: Peace Flags made with found natural ingredients ages: 1 and up! Materials needed: found ingredients, glue, heavy weight paper or Card Stock, yarn Equipment needed: hole punch, scissors