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THURSDAY, APRIL 19, 2018 Can you believe everything you see? From smoke and mirrors to light and shadow, from colour and shape to depth and perspective, optical illusions have the power to fascinate, entertain, trick and astonish. They distort our realities and create impossible new worlds. They encourage us to look behind the surface and from new angles to discover the facts...or the fiction. Let this board be your fashion inspiration for AGO Massive Illusion.
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Be Different with LED Clothes and Fiber Optic Fashion 2012

Fiber Optic Gown by fashion designer and artist Taegon Kim

I can imagine some Hoopers getting down with these. Tops & Bottoms from $99

Belly Dance Costumes, Belly Dancing Costumes, Belly Dancing Sales and Specials…

make your own fibre optik dress

Fiber Optic Dress

Wearable Technology is something we're working on. In the meantime here is an image of a Fiber Optic Dress designed by Natalie Walsh and featured on Instructables


Cool Wearables - Elegant and sophisticated wearable technology from cutting edge fashion designers Pankaj and Nidhi. Their glowing geometric dress from the show at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. More on their website pankajnidhi com.

Futuristic Textiles

What Is The Future Of Fabric? These Smart Textiles Will Blow Your Mind

Because light is bling. "Tamar is based in Tbilisi, Georgia. She studied at Tbilisi State Academy Of Arts and graduated in Her collections are produced in Georgia.

elwirecorset.png (393×600)

Outlandish Sci-Fi Menswear

HALF PRICE xs/s BLACK Glowing trim Mini angular pvc lace up Neck Corset Artifice Clothing w Green Glow (production sample ready to ship)

문의넘버:010↔6362↔7228 핸드폰소액결제, 소액결제 현금화 【카톡문의↔han7228】24시문의가능  정보이용료현금화 핸드폰소액결제 현금화, 모바일문화상품권 현금화, 구글 정보이용료 현금화,  핸드폰소액대출 #sexy #tattoos bad girls

Trends on the Rise: Reflective Fabric

These are the type of garment that would dress the mannequins. Clothing with reflective accents would need black lights

This LED effect could make a mermaid tail blanket/sleeping bag glow when someone is reading before bed

we get it, shit glows, get o.

LED dress - Google Search

Atelier LeonLeon's Smart Tech-Couture

LED dress - Google Search

Alexander McQueen Fall 2004

Alexander McQueen Fall 2004 Runway Pictures

Alexander McQueen at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2004 - Runway Photos

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If you’re looking for a dress to make a strong statement in, here’s a sexy’n’magic affair created by Janet Hanson. The dress is called the Snowball LED Mini Dress and it is really astounding.

Despite the formal look of the jacket, it’s actually quite versatile. Wear it to a black tie event as a sleek substitute to a tired, old tux...

Do You Own The Right Tuxedo Jacket?

Dinner jackets are mainly worn in formal events, and also in semi-formal events. Dinner jackets have been used for centuries, and many types of experimentations



Reflective pattern printing technology, this jacket made by reflective fabric material, do you want to have a reflective jacket like this at night?

Chinastars is the largest reflective material and safety vest manufacturer and exporter in China. Products include reflective fabric, reflective tape, reflective vest etc.

Light Up Sound Activated LED Ties

Light Up Sound Activated LED Ties

ElectricStyles has created a line of light up sound activated LED ties. The ties come in a variety of styles including striped, diamond, and equalizer patt

Will.I.Am should change his name to Will.L.E.D. He rocks the blinkies on his suit!

Moritz Waldemeyer - Will.Am Tailored Video Jacket //