Hopewell Rocks, New Brunswick, with the tide mostly in; it gets higher. Photo: New Brunswick Tourism

Banff-Avenue --- the-Hjerte-of-the-Beautiful-Town-in-Canada1

This will definitely be part of our trip from MT to Canada! Banff, Alberta, Canada- one of the most gorgeous spots in the world and right across the border from Glacier National Park in Montana.


"Mount Thor in Canada, Earth's greatest vertical drop of m ft)" by Gordondel in pics


Cool Crisp Arctic Air Photo by David Kilabuk — National Geographic Your Shot

Castle Butte, Big Muddy Badlands, Saskatchewan, Canada

Are you stuck for where to travel this summer? Canada has plenty of great destinations that are ripe with picturesque scenery, wildlife and adventure that'll appeal to.

Michael Poliza

Churchill Manitoba, "The Polar Bear Capital of the World" Michael Poliza


Cavendish National Park is one of many inviting beaches on Prince Edward waiting for you. Grab a chair and a beach towel and feel the sand between your toes.