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Did you know that not only tea, but the used tea bags have their advantages too? From rebrewing the used tea bags to make weaker tea to beauty uses. These packed small tea bags will shock you with their usages, so you will never throw a tea bag in your life. 11 SURPRISING USES FORRead More

but did you know there are numerous benefits derived from giving your tea bags back to Mother Nature? Here are 11 reasons you should plant your tea bags instead of throwing them in the garbage.

8 Overnight Tricks to Wake Up with Clearer Skin

It can seem really difficult to find ways to clear up our skin when we're in the middle of a blemish attack. Honestly, skincare can be extremely annoying sometimes. This is even truer when our skin seems to be continually acting up.

diy work out tank top

diy to build your fitness wardrobe! You probably have tanks and camis in your normal wardrobe to borrow from, so no need to spend big on your fitness tops. You can also pull your old t-shirts out of the back of your drawer and give them new life with the