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If someone proposes to me like this. I'll marry him right away or be his girlfriend. I have tears in my eyes!

As a genderfluid asexual it makes me happy to even know that a charcter like Alex exists. And i shit this 2 so hard.

I need some awkward scenes with Magnus and Alex when Alex is a guy < well it’s ur lucky day go read ship of the dead

well, looks like I have another book to buy and read

The title of chapter Forty-Eight is literally "Hearthstone Passes Out More Than Jason Grace (Though I Have No Idea Who That Is)" and Annabeth is Magnus's cousin

I need help, eh? If that's so, than over a billion people need help. *cough* fangirls *cough*

Is it really creepy that I thought Doctor was THE Doctor from Doctor Who, until I finished reading? I was wondering what Doctor Who had to do with Rick Riordan's books.