DIY with a Hint of Nostalgia

Repurposing "Old Technology" into Nifty Modern Pieces
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a hand holding a usb flash disk in front of a bookshelf
12 Clever Ways to Repurpose Old Tech
Retrofit your old floppy disks into usable storage units by turning them into a USB unit.
some type of ornament hanging from a christmas tree with green ribbons on it
Try this crafty DIY project this Holiday season.
two small boxes with plants in them sitting on a wooden ledge near some trees and bushes
DIY: 10 Geeky Ideas, From Mason-Jar Speakers to Floppy-Disk Planters
Got a stack of floppies in the closet? Aside from great coasters, the colorful disks make great cases for your seedlings.
black and white keys with letters on them are arranged in the shape of cubes
Use old computer parts for your next DIY project!
two pieces of metal that have words on them, one says pause and the other says break
Fun way to spice up your hair accessories!
a black box with pens, markers and scissors in the shape of a cassette tape dispenser
Reuse it! - 8 Ways to Reuse Floppy Disks and Seriously Impress Other People
Recycle your old floppy disks to create a cool DIY pencil holder for your office.
a lamp that has pictures on it with words underneath the lampshade saying, easily create what a unique gift
Lamp Shade Creation: How to with 35mm Color Slides from Digital Images