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a christmas tree with ornaments and lights in front of a fireplace decorated for the holiday season
I Want a Digital Copier for Christmas
OK, no one in their right mind is actually saying they want a copier for Christmas (if you are, that's hard core – call us!). According to the songs; kids want their two front teeth, Eartha Kitt wants one of everything – especially a ring, and some people want a Hippopotamus. Me, I want a strong close to the year and some made-from-scratch gingerbread cookies.
an office chair with a computer monitor on top of it
Emperor: The $21,000 Ultimate Workstation For Ultra Geeks | Bit Rebels
Emperor: The $21,000 Ultimate Workstation For Ultra Geeks #technology -- does my daughter *really* need to go to college?
a man sitting in an office chair using a computer
True Geek - The development of technologies in various fields will also affect for other areas . For example, developments in computer design ultimately affect the Computer Table Design. This is certainly to be considered in terms of health and comfort of work.
two people sitting at a table with a sign on it that says sit next to each other
No question where you sit with these fun tech keyboard key seats.
an old computer monitor sitting on top of a wooden table
This Month in Green Design: An Upside Down Skyscraper, The World's Greenest Office Building, & a Bonus DIY Project!
I think I have at least two of these eMac and iMacs at my house - what a cool way to upcycle into an aquarium. #DIY #technology
two pillows that say alt ctrl del on the back of a gray couch in front of a white wall
Ha!... Would prefer the cushion covers to rep Facebook Likes and Pokes (for ex.) but why not?