Your One And Only Chance - Mila Rossi

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an indoor swimming pool on the deck of a cruise ship at night with blue lights
Jacuzzi similar to the one where Richard first kisses Evie
people are lounging on lounge chairs in front of a large tv screen at night
Evie and Richard watch a movie together under the stars
kayaking on the sea of correz is one of the best things to do in costa rica
Richard takes his family kayaking
several people riding horses on a trail in the mountains with cactus trees and cacti
Evie and her friends go horseback riding in Mexico
several tacos on a cutting board next to a small bowl of sauce
The tacos the girls eat during their shore excursion
three margaritas sitting on top of a table covered in sugar
The girls drink margaritas while on vacation
a woman zips through the trees on a rope
Richard and Evie go zip lining while on shore
two people snorkeling in the water with fish around them and one person holding out his hand
Best Places to Snorkel in Southern California |
Evie and her friends go snorkeling
Evie Hines Swimwear, Bikinis, Fashion, Women, Hines, Girl
Evie Hines
a bed room with a neatly made bed and a flat screen tv on the wall
Carnival Fantasy - A Cruise Ship For Everyone #CCLWinter | Julie Elsdon-Height
Room on the ship
a restaurant with tables and chairs in front of large windows on both sides of the room
9 Tips for Eating in the Main Dining Room on a Cruise
Dining room on the ship
the inside of a large cruise ship with many stairs and seating areas on each floor
The World's Best Cruise Ships: Readers' Choice Awards 2014
Inside the cruise ship