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Prairie Home Therapy: Cleaning Day is like Ground Hog Day* Ground Hog, Cleaning Day, Dining Bench, February, Therapy, Movie, Home Decor, Decoration Home, Table Bench

Cleaning Day is like Ground Hog Day*

*The movie. Not, actually, you know, February 2nd. It really is, isn't it? There aren't any "before" photos in this post. I didn't take them. I am actually getting pretty tired of showing pictures of my messy, dirty house. It didn't used to bother me, but I've realised a couple of things since I started blogging my "before and after" cleaning frenzies, as Melissa calls them. (Not an affiliate link.) 1) Everyone has messy rooms. I didn't used to know that. How could I know that? But I joined…

Prairie Home Therapy: The Completely Non-Threatening, Unintimidating Christmas Home Tour* Christmas Home, House Tours, Light Up, Therapy, About Me Blog, Counseling

The Completely Non-Threatening, Unintimidating Christmas Home Tour*

Hey there. It's Christmas. I love peeking into people's houses when they are all lit up and the drapes aren't drawn yet. Welcome. I've lit the candles for you. (It seems I went a bit overboard on the candles this year. Craving light and warmth, right now) Let me shoo that puppy off the couch for you. That's our beagle, Stomp. We got him for Christmas eight years ago, now. He likes to pull the cushions down and nest. I would say I'm not a big decorator for Christmas: but just look at this…

Prairie Home Therapy: 5 Ways Clutter Costs. Includes a month-long printable plan to conquer that costly clutter! 31 Bags, Declutter Your Home, Thirty One, 5 Ways, Housekeeping, Stress, Therapy, About Me Blog, How To Plan

5 Ways Clutter Costs

Take a minute. Look up from the screen. Look around. Have you got clutter? I do. Clutter isn't just a mess--it's stress. And it costs me. 1. Time. Who can find socks and underwear in this when you're running late in the morning and it is freezing cold to be standing on this concrete? Argh--what's in that basket? Is it clean? Is it dirty? 2. Concentration. Ever walk into a room and forget why you went there? That happens to me every time when I walk into a messy room. And when every room is…

Prairie Home Therapy: Fall: Fluffing the Bedroom Therapy, About Me Blog, Bedroom, Fall, Home Decor, Autumn, Decoration Home, Room Decor, Interior Design

Fall: Fluffing the Bedroom

I've been wanting to switch the bedroom over from a happy colourful summer vibe to a more serious yet cosy fall feeling for a while now. I do this mostly with my bedding. I like to change the sheets, rotate the mattress, and clean a bit. This year was no different. I was inspired by the gorgeous stuff at Parachute. Fresh crisp sheets just seem to go with the crisp fall air, don't they? But I had a bigger job ahead of me than usual. We're working on painting the stairwell, the library…

Prairie Home Therapy: Styling the Mantel. Decorate the Mantel. Fireplace Mantels, Birthday Cards, Therapy, Inspiration, Home Decor, Style, Bday Cards, Biblical Inspiration, Swag

Styling the Mantel

Justina would have me style a console--but I wanted to play with my mantel instead. It has one function only--to be a dramatic focal point for the living room. The painting is a thrift store score. I found it while shopping with my Mom--a rare thing. It fit this old frame I had perfectly. It fills the space nicely. Tall + dramatic draw the eye. These pussy willows have been on the mantle since the Spring--and though they really do say "Spring" more than summer, I love them. The books not…