Body parts diagram for beginners in French language | #teaching #learning

Are you learning French? The parts of the body are important French vocabulary words for beginners and advanced speakers alike!

La routine de tous les jours (Daily routines). Beginning French for children.

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Sports in French | #teaching #learning

faire + sports I don't believe "Faire de la peche" is correct, though. It should be "aller a la peche"

Cute infographic for teaching numbers in French

Cute idea for teaching the French numbers. Though, I wish we had the Belgian or Swiss system to count numbers! Their system is more logical than the French one!

Worksheets: Clothes in French

Clothes in French

First Grade French Foreign Language Worksheets: Clothes in French- I would white out the pronunciation tips before making copies.

Origami Croissant! Translate into French. Use to teach either the imperative mood or the history of the croissant.

An origami croissant. Fabriquer un croissant en origami. Think of the 'à la boulangerie' role plays you could have with these!