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Alan Tek
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4 Color: The colors of the Earth are all here and particularily vibrant. The color of the background is very dark, probably to make the rest of the color pop like in Figure 6-24 of our readings. This ad has a message for the entire world; the analogy is that temperatures are rising and melting like an ice-cream cone. This symbol is relatable because at least in Western culture, we all grew up knowing what ice-cream is. WWF ad

wwf rechauffement climatique glace monde fond This advertisement shows dominance as the most eye-catching element of the poster is the ice-cream cone which resembles the Earth.

Case: Giraffe 中東のレバノンでコカ・コーラが実施した洒落たプリント広告をご紹介。 商品デザイン(パッケージデザイン)を巧みに生かしたクリエイティブがこちらです。 コ

Coca-Cola - Giraffe advertising campaign and the success story at afaqs! Creative Showcase with other related Creatives by Coca-Cola and the people behind it.

Make a fairy town in the middle! Eclisse ébenisterie d'art / / Photo par Stéphane Lemire :

Tree Trunk Recycled in Coffee Table Floor Lamps Wood Lamps -combination of a coffee table with a floor lamp. This lamp & table is made from a hollowed tree trunk in which we installed a light, with a glass plate placed on it.