19 Useful Tips For People Who Struggle With Eyeshadow

19 Eyeshadow Basics Everyone Should Know

19 Eyeshadow Basics Everyone Should Know Younique offers many eye pigments and cream shadows that work great for all sorts of amazing eye creations!

Trying to figure out what makeup brush to use? Our definitive guide is all you need.

Every Type of Makeup Brush—Decoded

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Makeup Tips And Tricks To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger. Thank god @Tiffany Demmon found this. I just realized that when I smile my eyes are super tiny!

11 Magical Makeup Tricks That Make Your Small Eyes Look BIGGER!

makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger, makeup tutorial.not that i don't have big eyes as it is.

Get Rid of Blackheads in just 5 minutes

Get rid of Blackheads in just 5 minutes

DIY Magnetic Make Up Board : frame + metal board (from hardware store) + spray paint + 2 plastic soap holders + adhesive magnetic strips

How to Make Magnet Makeup Board

DIY Magnetic Makeup Board - Cheap frame, metal board, spray paint board and 2 plastic soap holders for brushes. Get little magnets and glue them on the backs of different makeup.

What do your Lines and Wrinkles tell about You

What Do Your Lines and Wrinkles Tell About You

Pretty interesting ⭐️Have you known that you can tell a lot about a person by looking at its facial traits? Here is is presented how to read the lines and wrinkles according to Ayurveda, an ancient Indian tradition of healing.

Never done it... need help with my brows! || This Is What It's Like To Grow Out Your Eyebrows

Naturally, there is some panic.

Eyebrows are the frame work of your face. It is important to have a well balanced eyebrow. Different eye brows can convey different looks. What do your eye brows say about you? do you have the right shape?

Eye Makeup for Different Eyes

How To Fill In Your Eyebrows And Make Them Look Thicker

Searching for how to create the classic liner look? If applying natural looking liner feels anything but, try resting your arm on a table and looking down into a tilted mirror.

eye shapes

19 Eyeshadow Basics Everyone Should Know

Tuesday How To: Magnetic Makeup Board | Her Campus Cool idea, you could do this with pencils and stuff too on a desk.

Tuesday How To: Magnetic Makeup Board

storage magnets for make-up? this i'll have to try. although it's not looking super cute. looks like a drawer spilled out on board.DIY Magnetic Makeup Board - 30 Brilliant Bathroom Organization and Storage DIY Solutions

DIY Lip Scrub -- 32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About

32 Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About (for beginners and experts)

For an easy lip scrub try mixing some brown sugar, honey and coconut oil and apply with a toothbrush (not the one you use to brush your teeth with) and gently brush your lips. You'll get smooth lovely lips.

Beauty Hacks You WISH You Knew Yesterday

Beauty Hacks You WISH You Knew Yesterday - pinning because of the eyelash curler & eyeliner tip - anything to speed things up. Now I just need to locate the curler I never use.

Secret Makeup Tips for Acne

Acne, scars, and pimples are skin problems that give many women headaches.Try this makeup tips for acne if you want to cover your face imperfections.